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Global team
You get the best of both worlds. Work from anywhere, with full time employee benefits if you want them.
Incredible Vacations
You can take as many as 40 days (including official holidays) to recover and perform at the highest levels. Only condition: You can't take more than 5 days off in your first 3 months of work.
Flexible work schedule
We care about results, so we make sure all the team has clarity and priorities. How everyone achieves results is up to them. We don't micromanage.
We create with deep intention and purpose. We also commit to your development and expect the same in return. If there's something you need, we'll do our best to provide it.
Best salaries
We hire the best and challenge ourselves, every day. We also believe the best work should be the most rewarded -- which is why we pay the top salaries in whatever country our team members reside. We have fixed gross anual salaries, worldwide. Wether you work as contractor or employee is your decision and dependent on local laws.
Career Plan and Growth
We have brainstorming sessions to help each team member decide future learning, purpose-aligned roles, responsibilities and personality alignment. We then adjust the company to enable this "future" role. We are all together in a journey of mutual growth, and it's very invigorating.