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Our Team

Join our team for a challenging yet rewarding environment that mirrors our product. We offer a culture that encourages self-discovery and personal growth, all while collaborating with top industry talent.

Pedro Rivera Torres

CEO Founder

Junaid Maqsood

Senior Front End Developer

Omair Afzal

Senior Back End Developer

Umar Mushtaq

Senior Product Owner

Pedro Rivera Torres


Our lives are often defined by our interests and the companions we share them with—from family and fitness to hobbies like board games. Each of us juggles at least eight of these important areas.

As the digital world increasingly demands our data and attention, it's easy to lose sight of our true interests and become distracted, looking outward for inspiration rather than inward.

Waffle is here to reshape the digital landscape into a focused, personalized place that promotes and guides your self-discovery and personal growth — helping you lead a more purposeful and meaningful life. Our platform helps you map and rediscover the various aspects of your life, suggesting items and experiences that deepen your engagement without distractions.

We aim to be your digital sanctuary, a clear mirror that excites you about your potential and growth.

We're not just an app; we're a movement. We invite you to join us and help build a future where users are empowered instead of harvested. Let's build this transformative experience together!

We're Hiring!

Join Our Talented Team

A Beta version of Waffle is currently available on iOS and Android.

Global Team
Experience the best of both worlds. Enjoy remote work with full-time employee benefits available if desired.
Incredible Vacations
Take up to 40 days off yearly, including holidays, for optimal performance. Limit of 5 days within the first 3 months.
Flexible Work Schedule
Focus on results. Clear priorities provided, leaving how to achieve them up to you. We avoid micromanagement.
Create with intention and support each other's development. We strive for mutual growth and address your needs promptly.
Best salaries
Join a team that values excellence and rewards it accordingly. Enjoy top salaries worldwide, whether as a contractor or employee.
Career Plan and Growth
Collaborate on shaping your future with purpose-aligned roles and ongoing support. Mutual growth is our journey.

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